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Emergency Std Basic Bundle

Emergency Std Basic Bundle

Emergency Program Student Basic Bundle, SALE PRICE $35.00 plus Tax

SAVINGS OF $20.00 over RETAIL Pricing

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Are you in the Firefighting or Police Programs? This is a great Gift!

Here's What You Receive:

  1. 1 Red Oversized BackPack, by EVEREST, roomy and lots of pockets and quality zippers.
  2. 3 -- TWO POCKET Folders one in Black, one in White, one in Red
  3. 1- one-inch Black Binder
  4. 1 Red vinyl Notepad, with Notepad included.
  5. 1 Pilot G2-7mm Pen, writes in Black Ink.
  6. One Black/Gray Hocking College Wave Notebook, with Silver Hocking College imprinted pen, writes with black ink
  7. One pair of  Hocking College Hawks Black Rimmed Sunglasses.